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i'm an artist from Barrington, IL.


since i was two, i've been using creative computer programs because i knew i wanted to make nice things to impact people. i also found a love for learning.


at age thirteen, halfway through middle school, life was getting difficult for me and i felt very worthless, despite how lucky and how good my childhood was, and all i had learned. fortunately, at the same time, i found opportunity.


an invitation to work with and alongside important creators coordinated by a new Flordia startup came to me after i reached out. i didn't look back.

thanks to that opportunity, i discovered things i never would have doing the same by myself, jumping from one project to another, all in different fields.


i made lots of friends. friends for work, and friends for fun.

friends that introduced me to industry leaders, some of which i worked for.

but far and above most importantly, i learned value.


the startup closed about two years after it began.

i walked away with enough confidence to start my own journey.


at age seventeen, i released my first album, X, a meta-concept work.


i made the choices i did in life so i can try to better the quality of life of other people. i didn't set out for the money, or the fame.

i just want to keep making people feel important, improved, and happy.


i hope you enjoy my work. and, more importantly:


i hope my work can inspire you.


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